Notes from Marketing Now! Melbourne: Day 2

Sitting in middle in the second row from the front with David Park I had a suspicion I may need to switch my face onto ‘auto-interest’ for the benefit of the presenters. This, however, was not required for the knowledgeable, learned and entertaining David Armano who presented an enthralled audience with valuable information, case studies and videos. Here is a small selection of points:

  • Engage people based on behaviours as the customer, producers, participants, user and community, not just as consumers e.g. Trader Joe’s – this is a fantastic YouTube ‘non-ad’ (beware, the tune gets stuck in your head) shot on iPhone camera
  • Network economy – portable content for sharing
  • Brands / companies need to create a space and facilitate conversation – ask customers what they want to change
  • Twitter is teaching us to value and appreciate effortless communication e.g. Re-Tweets where the community passes on information without having to create new data – ripples of influence
  • People create social systems based around themselves – feed the ego and ask what do I get out of this?
  • ‘Tradigital Marketing’ – traditional + social engagement online  —-> business functions
  • Crowd source via online social networks for insights, not solutions – create a virtual water cooler where people share ideas
  • Blurring of divide between marketing and customer service in online social media – e.g. Hyatt on Twitter: virtual concierge monitors behaviour and can interact in real time: Armano ‘About to have dinner at the Hyatt’ / Hyatt ‘did you enjoy the steak’ (NB: not his exact words but similar!)
  • Social media allows human to human interaction virtually – real time but with human aspect; best to give avatars a face and person or people behind the profiles
  • Social media is not about technology, it’s about what people do with technology
  • ‘Ambient intimacy’ – great terminology for communities that work because they just get it and supported by strong leadership / someone to conduct the flow of conversation; give people a space to express themselves BUT you do need someone to manage these expressions; ambient technology – always switched on
  • To introduce social media into a resistant / hesitant company, start with a pilot that is scalable
  • ‘Social Business By Design’ – culture of hoarders to collaborators; static to dynamic; strategy needs to be adapted to be maintained; design content so it is accessible and allow functionality to create behaviour
  • Need content to feed the community and encourage conversation
  • Change is pushing business to be m0re social

Stephen Johnson was the last presenter before the panel discussion and spoke about the use of social media for his projects including the sponsored ‘Thank You Water‘. Here are some of his points:

  • Listen, be inspired, reflect this in your next course of action; embrace change
  • Make your brand a gathering place for inspiration
  • Never lose sight of the essence of your brand / business, what niche does it fill, what is your positioning in the market; needs to be about others – collaborate
  • 5 Rule Framework – use connections, keep it simple, mimic user experience in your features, deliver value exchange, involve users the whole was through
  • Create optimism and empower people with social media participation and collaboration of ideas and action
  • Case study: Groundswell – identified 5 influential environment bloggers and invited them to participate in project and be ambassadors; commitment to blog about the project on their own terms – all did result in favourable comment —-> blogs picked up by traditional media

The panel discussion raised some questions from the audience and highlighted the following:

  • Online social networking allows us to work together collaboratively as a human race – move away from tight knit community
  • PRs must engage in social media and include social media training for clients when you do traditional media training
  • Higher level C-Suite needs to understand and even participate in social media
  • Corporates need to re-engage their employees to be passionate about their company so this comes through in their online conversations and activity – these people will be the best candidates for participating in social media for the brand / company
  • Don’t ‘set and forget’ social media activity, need to be involved to ‘sense and respond’ – service dominant logic

There have been some great posts about the event which was, I feel, for many people one of the most successful, insightful and formatted social media conferences yet. Check out PR Warrior Trevor Young’s blog for more valuable information from the two day treat.

PS – since this event I have created my own Posterous account and checked out many of the tools mentioned during the two days. The more I learn about social media, the more I want to learn and the more I value the opportunities for communication – I hope you will find some value too.


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