Operation relocation – Day 7 in East Melbourne

It is a week today since I moved into my apartment in East Melbourne, exhausted and a little overwhelmed and emotional but all this was overridden by excitement. The past seven days have flown by and yet I am still on my airbed on the floor. However, a lot of other accomplishments have been achieved and, though I don’t want to bring religion into it, I confess that I understand why God rested on the Seventh Day.

Embracing the decision to try new things in a new city and new challenges in new environments I have since gained myself a fantastic apartment with car space, gym and pool which serves as a convenient base for traveling to the city or any other suburb one should wish to visit. I have a library card, new appliances, new friends and a new job, all of which I am very thankful for and appreciative to have secured so soon in the game.

The library card has made given me a chair and desk to use until mine arrives, not to mention a host of books, DVDs and knowledge at my disposal just ten minutes brisk walk from The Apartment. New appliances have given me the ability to cook, one of my passions and comforts. New friends have given me support, encouragement and hope. And new job has already inspired and given me the drive to further push myself to succeed.

I should also give special mention to Twitter. Well, not Twitter per se but the amazing network of people who have shared and supported and advised me on a great many number of things. I can’t help thinking that online social networks have made this relocation more pleasant than it would have been without the constant connection they provide to others. The first nights alone in The Apartment were not as lonely when you have a constant online chatter and host of emails just a click away. Of course, this will never, for me, replace the value of face to face chatter but online social networking has enabled me to translate this online chatter into coffee with friends.

In the coming weeks I will be meeting more new Tweeple which I am very much looking forward to.

Fresh flowers and appliances


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