Optus Social Media Team win over @KimberleyL

The Optus Social Media Team has come through with the goods. I bought a broadband wireless kit at Dick Smith in Sydney last week but when I arrived in Melbourne and tried to log on the SIM was faulty. So I bought a new SIM and was on my way to connected goodness. I called Dick Smith, alerted them of my issue and was told to bring it back when I returned to Sydney for a refund on the SIM. So I did but they didn’t. They were having trouble with the concept that I just wanted credit for the faulty SIM and not the whole kit. I got to the point where I felt I was becoming more stupid the more I spoke to them. So I left and Tweeted about it.

Within a few hours @Optus asked me for the details of my situation and that same afternoon I was on the phone with Robbie from their Social Media Team and was refunded in an instant. Brilliant. I let all the Tweeple know just how impressed I am with Optus. Everyone (well, i AM in PR!). But the value in this, for me, is not about the money. I now have a personal example of the value of social media for turning around a potentially negative brand/company situation, a point in many seminars and workshops that I have only heard before. CEOs take note; THIS is why you need to be on board the social media cluetrain.



  1. Excellent outcome Kimberley!

    From one PR to another I understand your point of view. As you said, this is a brilliant example of how effective social media can be for businesses.

    Finally, as an Optus customer this gives me faith in their business.

    A wonderful outcome for all parties involved.

    • Thanks Brooke – I know, it was so good to have the support of my own service provider! There is nothing better than PR driven organically by excellent results and a quality product.

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