Operation Relocation to Melbourne – Day 6 (Twums, Taxis, Theatre)

Inspections: 9, Taxis: 20, Cooked dinners: 5, new friends: heaps. This is where I stand on day six of Operation Relocation. Having been through enough apartments to now make a more informed judgement of their online descriptions I am still looking but with hope and not cluelessness. The decision is to head back to Sydney to pack and return to a short-term lease whilst I continue to look for something permanent and so I can begin working and living in Melbourne.

Whilst hunting down somewhere to live I have been lucky enough to have found some fabulous Melbourne locals who have been more than generous with their friendliness, local knowledge, advice and welcoming open arms. On Thursday night I finally met the wise, experienced and knowledgeable Trevor Young and David Park before heading on to TweetUpMellers where I had the good fortune of matching personalities with avatars and meeting some new Melbourne locals. On Friday I finally met the fabulous Kristina (aka @TinainMelbourne) for a coffee and cake at her local Pheast84 in Armadale. It turns out she is even more delightful in person.

Twitter time has translated into the face-time world with great success. Thus far, I can report that all the Tweeple whom I have met face to face have been far from disappointing and I am blown away by their openness and welcoming charm. On the way, I have also picked up a mini-bus full of exciting new Tweeple whom I am yet to meet when I get a fixed Victorian address.

I will head back to Sydney tomorrow knowing that I will return to a city of possibility and opportunity, not to a lonely and isolated beginning that can accompany relocation to a new place. And I am very much looking forward to it.

Window of opportunity

Window of opportunity


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