In Melbourne sussing things out and Tweeting-up

With the warnings for all Melbourne located people to leave work early to escape the wrath of the winds I was not sure whether I would make it in one piece, but the flight was smooth and conditions not as bad as I expected. Settled in with my hospitable cousin and slept well, ready for a few days of apartment inspections, meetings and Tweet-ups. So far, the value of social networks, for me, has proven to be just as golden in the physical.

This morning I had the great pleasure of meeting Kimberley Santos (aka @missgiggly) for a luxurious brunch in a charming alleyway. Firstly, aside from having the best name in the world (yes, I know that is very 12 years old of me), Kimberley is an absolute delight and I’m so glad to have met her. She is quite like her online identity and admits to ‘tweeting like I speak’. Being able to place a person behind the Tweets enriches online communication with the personal touch of familiarity. I am now even more interested in what is going on in her world via social media because she a real, tangible friend and not just and avatar.

I am hoping this translation of online to face-time is just as accurately matched for all the tweeple I am yet to meet. I will report back after my first Melbourne social media event tomorrow night, @TweetUpMellers. And of course, I am wondering if, for others, @KimberleyL matches Kimberley Lee in person…



  1. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you too, was so fun to meet for brunch in DeGraves, how glamorous of us! Can’t wait for more girly chats and I know you’re going to do just fine in the pursuit of work, and in the hunt for an apartment etc. 🙂

    • Was the perfect way to start the day! Looking forward to having an address here so we can have many more meals, coffees and laughs.

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