Will Twitter prove to be the valuable social network it seems to be?

With Operation Relocation well on the way to becoming ‘case completed’ it seems that I will also be putting Twitter to the test and finding out if it really is a valuable social networking tool when translated to the physical world. My current status is that I have met one person who is currently living in Melbourne (my cousin/friend type person who I’ve known forever but not technically a cousin) but I have virtually connected with many more, at least two hands and one foot worth of counting, via online social networks. Twitter has been the star of the show thus far. So the question is, will my many wonderful online connections carry into the physical world in an equally wonderful way?

I don’t want to put pressure on any of the great tweeple whom I have great tweet with, but it will bring to light whether or not my appreciation/addiction of social media will prove to be as valuable in the physical world as I believe it will be. And it will give me a measurable case study of the value of online social networking for building a brand, me. The scale is:

  • 1 = continuing our online communication with no change.
  • 3 = improved relations from face time.
  • 5 = all my wildest dreams come true.

Whether or not it does open actual doors of opportunity or just keep the virtual gates ajar, one thing is certain – the online connections I have already made are with interesting, brilliant and beautiful people and I have only gained from participating in social networks.

To those who are still to be convinced of the value of social media, guess what, I’m getting tired of trying to convince you. Let me show you how it has already been good to me.

*Note: I must acknowledge in particular Trevor Young, Kristina Kukolja and Kimberley Santos for being such lovely and supportive Tweeple who I can’t wait to meet in person. Thank you.


One comment

  1. I can’t wait to meet you either! I can certainly attribute to Twitter being a great place for conversation, inspiration, and making friends ‘offline’. Very easily. I have made at least three friends that I have seen outside, in the physical world more than once and I thank Twitter for that opportunity. Twitter shouldn’t be seen as just another place to enforce people becoming hermits, or staying online to talk to people, and have an excuse not to communicate. It is a stepping stone, and real conversation can be had via phone, email or blogs such as this! 🙂

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