Operation Relocation: Day 1

I am officially on my way to Melbourne. Well, official in the sense I no longer go to work although I am still employed but on holidays for two weeks and I am going back for a corporate blood donation with my fabulous WordStorm PR team on Tuesday; so not really official at all. So everything I just said has no bearing. Start again…

TAKE 2: I am unofficially a lady of leisure / officially an agent of Operation Relocation and will be dedicating the next few weeks to making my move from Sydney to Melbourne. This week I will be doing new job things – CV update, research, enquiries, applications, LinkedIn etc – as well as moving life things – removalist, Victorian ID, oh and find an apartment.

This week is also a week for catch ups and farewells with friends, family, associates and some #prjournolove before I visit the state beneath for some 26 August Open inspections. Plan is to find something amazing, come back to Sydney to pack and then head back down on a road trip to my new life. Throw in a few ‘adventures’ on the way but generally the relocation will be a smooth transition with no breakages or getting lost. All this to the tune of positive reinforcement and encouragement…

As the morning of Day 1 comes to an end I have done plenty of unofficial lady of leisure activity and a little of Operation Relocation…. need to get the latter into gear immediately. Will start this after lunch.


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