Is online social networking causing a social divide?

It has become apparent in the last few months that there are three categories of opinion when it comes to online social networking – those who love it, those who are critical and disapproving of it and those who have opinions but don’t really know enough / engage enough to have a valid opinion. I love it. If you are reading this, chances are you love it too. But those who don’t feel the same way often see my wonton Twitter ways and blog references as geeky (not in the good way), anti-social and trivial.

This difference in opinion is, of course, absolutely normal and perfectly fine and I appreciate everyone’s experience and view of online social networks, but I do feel it has the potential to be troublesome. There are times when I feel the desire to share an experience with my Twitter friends but those in the physical situation who are not keen Tweeters do not welcome Tweetie to the party (so to speak). I respect this and Tweet discretely, sometimes almost guiltily, but I will not stop sharing with my online social circle no matter how many taunts I am subject to.

I value my online social networks in a way many of my face-time friends will never understand and I do believe it is a topic that can divide a room. I will continue to ‘socialise’ with my online connections whilst participating in the physical and I refuse to believe it is killing the ability to have a face to face conversation. If anything, I believe it presents the opportunity to explore so many more face-time connections.

Sneaky Twitter pic of Friday night (an act that evoked disapproval from my colleagues)

Sneaky Twitter pic of Friday night (an act that evoked disapproval from my colleagues)


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