Twitter behaviour – the annoying and the great

Twitter has been the most significant online social network for me thus far. The robust and explosive manner in which Twitter has grown has positioned this star performer as a big time celebrity, becoming the celebrity that celebrities use. Although, I have started to become increasingly aware of few things about Twitter that have grown from erks into annoyances into something I feel the need to vent about. Here they are:

  • Tweeple with ZERO updates and hundreds of followers
  • Tweeple who only ever RT. Ever.
  • Tweeple who stay silent for lengthy periods then blast the Twitterstream with a gazillion updates; it’s almost as though they’ve been saving them up for weeks until they can’t hold any more
  • Auto DMs when you start following someone telling you how much they’re looking forward to Tweeting with you and then never hearing anything from them

To end on a positive note, here are some of the things I’ve developed a fondness for:

  • Connecting with great tweeple who have interesting things to say about their fields of expertise / interests / life in general
  • New friendships formed based around common interests
  • Hashtags adding value to events and TV programs that would otherwise be very ordinary and mundane
  • Brilliant campaigns e.g. free Levis
  • Sharing news with like minded people who appreciate your geekiness
  • Hearing the thoughts and opinions of others in response to my own ideas; and learning and growing from these (or becoming so incensed by their idiotic response that I consider unfollowing them in protest… then I get over it and appreciate their side of the argument and politely Twitter back)

I still haven’t gotten around to finding all the Tweeple I would like to follow (the stalkerish terminology still amuses me) but I am encouraged by some of the calibre of (some) people who have found and followed me. I’m all about the value-add and relationship building. So I hope I have done this for my followers at some point. If I haven’t yet, please do let me know.



  1. Definitely agree with you on the list of Twitter annoyances. Top of my annoying tweeple list would have to be those who follow thousands, scarring the world with their rather unpleasant and lets say ‘interesting’ profile pics that flash up on the unsuspecting tweeter’s computer screen. All i’ve got to say to these tweeple is whatever you want to tweet about, I’m really not interested thanks to the nice first impression you made with your charming pic.

    And to add to your positive notes, tweeple who take time to answer questions and send through advice, relevant articles, ideas, info etc. are great tweeple to have on one’s following list. It shows that you are willing to engage in a two way conversation. I’m not a fan of tweeple who use Twitter to simply talk about themselves all day long!

    • Thanks Gemma. I just blocked a heap of ‘I have big boobs’ tweeple. Agreed, they’re a waste of Twitter space.

      I’ve found Twitter such an amazing ‘support group’ for my new found major geekiness which I am loving. Never thought I’d own a Mac or be such a keen online social networker. It’s been great connecting with so many ‘value-add people’ like yourself. Although I must say I do enjoy face to face to back up the online connections. Would be good to go to a ‘meet Tweeple’ party where you just go and meet people on Twitter, just for fun and not in a convention setting. With balloons, cupcakes, lollies and vodka!

  2. I absolutely agree with what you say; I cannot stand following anyone that ONLY RTs – whether it be links to sales, or blog links, but I also possibly can’t handle people that RT conversations, or jokes.. that are only funny to them. So whilst I follow companies/magazines and whatnot; the ones that keep me entertained, and influence me to KEEP following them are the ones that show that there is a person behind the tweets. Ie, Sunriseon7 is hilarious! He’s not just tweeting about what’s on the show, he RTs people’s comments that may not even be related to the show, or he’ll DM every once in a while. So conversation, support, someone that unexpectedly RTs your blog link, someone that compliments you on something you never expected.. and meeting people. I’m having breakfast tomorrow with two lovely girls I’ve met via Twitter, and its a blessing.

    Okay.. rambling over, its after midnight! But thankyou today for the #followfriday love 🙂

    • I know! I just want to shake them and say ‘don’t you have any original thoughts?’. As the saying goes, imitation is the highest form of flattery but when it’s overdone I start to think it’s verging on exploitation. For me, a RT is something saved for the tweets that have had an impact on me; the kind that makes me nod my head and mutter to myself ‘so true, I need to tell everybody about this’. I will take your recommendation and follow Sunriseon7 – love a good person behind the avatar! Very excited for your Tweetmeet (did I make that word up?). I’m all about the relationship building which is still best achieved face to face. Have fun Kimberley!

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