Personalised Facebook URL – got it but will it do me any good?

So I’ve just registered my personalised Facebook URL – – because I could. But, given the surge of Twitter and my recently ignited affair with tweeting, my Facebook time has dramatically reduced. Actually, I lie.  My decreased use began about a year ago when I decided I didn’t want to post personal photos of myself online or to be a victim of tagging, update my status which remained so until I bothered to change it again (the static nature of the status often became void the minute after I posted it) and yes, I do believe in conspiracy theories.

I promptly deleted many photos and asked friends not to tag me in any pics. Realising the selfishness of this request I just didn’t appear in any photos, removing myself from all photo oportunities and whilst this has worked for the most part, some do still creep through. And I know the pics I deleted are still in the FB system somewhere but I know I am not significant enough for anyone to bother digging them out of the trash.

Then, I put all but family and very close friends on limited profile disabling their ability to post on my wall. I re-set all privacy settings to ‘paranoid freak who thinks people actually care enough to stalk me’. And I think I have achieved a ‘she never does anything/go anywhere’ status by having such a neglected profile. Does this mean I’m a bad social networker?

To explain why I still actually have a FB profile, I have kept in closer touch with relatives I would otherwise see on special occasions only (pretty much just Christmas) and friends overseas. It has also been to facilitate my admin status on my workplace’s Facebook page (WordStorm PR) and the PRIA NSW New Media Group Facebook group. Facebook does still have a function and use for me but this has become quite specific. I still pick up the phone and have face to face time with the people closest to me and I still much prefer this kind of relationship.

The great things about having a FB profile are that I know what’s happening around town via event listings and invitations, I am reminded about birthdays (not that I would ever forget them) and I still get poked. On Twitter, I have developed many great new online connections (thank you Iggy Pintado) with people I would not have otherwise had access to. I have also developed my LinkedIn profile, signed up for Scribd and kept up with this blog so maybe I’m not such a bad social networker after all.

I do have an online presence that is significant in my everyday life. In my social networks I have a speaking part and I am not just a tree in the backdrop (obviously school plays were not my forte). My ‘personal brand’ is growing and developing each day with more Tweets and posts and comments I leave. My online footprint is becoming more visible through my identity as KimberleyL and Kimberleyjl when the former is not available.

So,  to answer my own question (which I am known to do from time to time), yes, having my personalised Facebook URL is a value add for my online identity. I just may become a more active Facebooker (did I make that word up?) once more if a situation calls for such activity. Having my own URL makes it easier for people to find me which I’m sure, is not a bad thing…

How is your relationship with Facebook thus far?



  1. hello,

    hhmm personal branding on social media really fascinates me. I actually wanted to read a book about it (is there one?) – tho your blog post will totally suffice for now (re study). there’s a lot to connected to and keep up to date, which is the point of the internet – but it seems you have your finger on top of things. yay. ur initiative is defs a value-add. will pay off big time one day. X

    • You’re a darling, thanks Colin! Yes, this personal branding business does appear to actually be a business of sorts. I have read a fair few articles and blog posts about creating your personal brand online and strengthening your brand online. As a starting point, here is a link to the website Social Media Today with search results for ‘personal branding’ to get you going

      It seems that as long as you ‘keep it real’ across your social media networks, be transparent, interesting (well, interesting to at least one other person in your network), keep active in your community and respect the discourse (uni word alert!) of the online community you are participating in, the rewards and value-adds can be priceless. Reading back over this, it is probably a good guide for your physical communities as well. I guess that’s where sometimes we can run into issues; when we try to be different people online versus in the physical world.

      Essentially, I like to see online as a great extension of myself. A value-add that enables me to establish and maintain many connections and relationships all over the globe with people who share similar ideas, interested, outlooks and euphemisms. Although I do welcome people with opposing ideas although it seems there needs to be at least one agreeable connection for the relationship to last.

      Communication and connection opportunities the web affords us still amazes me and I know a good little networker such as yourself will surely benefit from these possibilities.

      Blog on

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