A quicky about Connection Generation thus far

I’m about three quarters of my way through Iggy Pintado‘s book Connection Generation and wanted to post my thoughts thus far.

Iggy Pintado defines generational groups by their experience and knowledge of connection as a communication practice enhanced and advanced by technology. Life experience based on age, which Pintado refers to as the ‘birthday connection’, enriches his five Connection Generation groups – Basic Connectors, Passive Connectors, Selective Connectors, Active Connectors, Super Connectors. Anyone and everyone can identify with one of these groups.

Easy to read and understand, Pintado provides many relatable examples to explain characteristics of each connector group. The group in which the reader sits will largely influence how insightful Connection Generation is for discovering how web 2.0, online social networks and new communication technology has created new social boundaries.

The Basic Connectors have a traditional view of connection and prefer face-to-face, telephone and letter writing to communicate. Pintado moves through each Connector group defined according to how and which communication mediums and channels are used. Pintado falls into the group with the most connections, the Super Connectors who are experts, innovators and managers of communication. This is largely achieved via online networks using web 2.0 applications and the latest technology.

I will post a final review with notes in the next few days on completion of reading. To my Twitter followers, I know I said I’d be done yesterday but the sun was too blinding bouncing off the crisp white pages to finish reading.



  1. Sounds interesting – what are the characteristics of the other Connectors? Wonder what I am… What would you say you are?

    • Thanks Laura. I’ll put some notes up this week in a longer blog post with characteristics of each Connector group; then you can tell me which connector you think I am! Watch this blog…

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