Random thoughts, questions and epiphanies about web 2.0 and social media

My new MacBook (aka MacDaddy)

This post is a collection of random bits and pieces that pop into my head. Please feel welcome to add your inner monologues to my list.

– News is already old news by the time we read it in the printed newspaper

– I don’t think following should be mutual on Twitter

– It takes a lot of courage to publish your first blog (well, it did for me)

– Should I feel bad about ‘ignoring’ friend requests from past associates (and by past, I mean no contact in last few years)? Because I don’t.

– I was reading a two day old newspaper to check for client relevant stories thinking how much I disliked reading ‘old news’ … then I realised that print newspapers contain only old news

– I believe the print newspaper has its place in society as a public record of decisions made and events that have occurred

– This blog is my third attempt at ‘becoming a blogger’

– Revealing my thoughts in a blog challenges my belief of the sanctum of the mind and privacy in general … a dilemma that haunts every ‘send’ in all my social networks (but one which I am coming to terms with and sorting out!)

– I am a geek (and proud of it)

– I’ll Tweet what I’m eating if I want to (RT @miafreedmanRead newspaper article today about ‘Twitterquette”. Apparently it’s uncool to Tweet what you’re eating. Chocolate cake. Suck it.)

– All of a sudden I was an Apple user (iPhone and MacBook within 4 months from Nokia and PC)

LinkedIn is dry and boring but I’m sure it will be of great value one day

– I have always been about connection and relationship building … now, even more so

What are your random thoughts?



  1. To take on two of your points…

    Newspapers do have to get used to being old news by the time they reach readers – I think many of them are already making that adjustment. Where they (and magazines too) will find a place is in presenting thoughful insight and analysis. Long, demanding think pieces are still more reader friendly in print than online, I’d argue.


    Tim – Mumbrella

    • Agree. I’d much rather be engaged by an insightful and detailed article on paper. Can’t curl up with and make notes on the side of a computer! Although some may tout it as eco-unfriendly, I often print long articles to read at comfort. Easier on the eyes too.

      Thanks Tim.

  2. Oh yes, and on the other point. I’d argue that you don’t have to (and shouldn’t) give up too much of your privacy in blogging, partiocularly when offering thoughts about the industry we work in. It’s possible to maintain your boundaries, so long as you know what they are.


    Tim – Mumbrella

    • Appreciate your advice on this. As my blog is still in the baby stages, I am still finding my feet and getting used to putting my thoughts into insightful and useful posts that I hope will add value in some way to the industry or at least those with an interest in PR, journalism, media and social networking. Didn’t expect that to happen for quite some time but I’ve had lovely feedback so far. Mostly your feedback – thank you!

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