I heart Twitter

I know it may be stating the blatantly obvious but my name is Kimberley and I am addicted to Twitter. I am amazed by the power of such a simple social network – 140 characters and a bunch of followers is all it takes to develop a communication medium that can produce tweets as basic or as complex as the number of Tiny URLs it can hold.

As a research tool it, I feel the real potential for insight into audiences and markets is largely undiscovered. As a marketing tool, there is no doubt a world of opportunity if done the ‘right’ way. And as a tool for indulging the self-indulgent, who doesn’t want to feel as though everyone really cares what you are doing every minute of the day?

Communication that gets straight to the point is a winner in my view. And with 140 characters there isn’t a whole lot of space for foreplay.

This is not the last Twitter post you will see….until I find a Twitter support group and a sponser.


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