I am the New Media Department (by default)

I have started blogs before but have not fully committed to them, hence their failing and being lost to the blogosphere as two-post wonders. Now, beginning this blog, I feel I have grown in my understanding of and appreciation for the power of new media and the possibilities that are now available for communication.

It has been just over a year since I was made the (whole) new media department at the boutique PR agency where I work, a role bestowed upon me by default; I had completed ‘New Media and Convergence’ at uni with a HD and no-one else had. Embracing the opportunity with false confidence I now realise that this is where my passion lies. Communication is key. Key to life and everything in it. Things exist because they are communicated in some form, whether it be visual or aural or indulging any of our other senses. Even if there is no-one else around to be the ‘receiver’ and you are yourself talking to yourself, it is still communication.

My inner debate continues to examine ways that new media and web 2.0 is enabling communication and giving people another voice, versus a possible loss of the skills for face communication and the values associated with human touch. I have always been a firm believer in learning how to converse in person and it never ceases to fascinate me that so many people have not developed basic conversational skills. On the other hand, I may take it for granted that I have the confidence to be a ‘conversationalist’ (oh how that definition is changing rapidly) and recognise the role web 2.0 plays for those not so comfortable with face to face encounters.

These are just a few of my many thoughts on the topic…and yes, sometimes they do keep me awake at night…



  1. Kim, you are my new media guru and work would be lost without you!! Thanks for always keeping us in the loop!
    Look forward to following your posts and inner debates.

  2. Thanks Dom – you’re a darling and thanks for being the first to comment on my blog. Thank you for your support as well. x

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